What is special education?


In case any student is facing problems with his or her studies due to disabilities or learning difficulties then such student will require special education. Our aim here will be to look at ways to improve such special education courses for kids.

Improving Special Education Programs The different ways which help in improving special education courses for children include the following:

  1. Identifying Problems: The first step consists of evaluating whether a child requires such education. In case a kid has any disability or developmental delay then such kids should take admission in schools which have required system already in place. It is also important to figure out whether a child has learning disabilities since such disabilities are hard to identify.
  2. RTI: It stands for response to intervention and focuses on kids with learning disabilities. If any student is found to be lacking some particular skills then teacher intervention is required to improve the condition. In such situation teachers provide more intensive support to help the student master that particular skill. In case the student continues to perform below standard and does not respond well to RTI then such student is regarded as having a learning disability.
  3. Formal Assessments: This involves behavioral, academic and cognitive assessments to check whether special education courses Mumbai are required by a student. These assessments judge the capabilities student has in terms of reading comprehension, basic arithmetic, and spellings. The assessments also check whether the child has any vision or hearing impairments that are causing difficulties in learning.
  4. IEP: IEP or Individualized education program needs to be developed for any student with impairments or learning disability. The good thing about these programs is that they review student’s academic progress on regular basis and set academic goals that the student is expected to achieve.
  5. Specialized Services: Keeping an option wherein student’s placement can be discussed could help to improve the special education courses Mumbai programs even further. Such placement is required to be made based upon data available from work samples, test scores as well as behavioral charts available for any particular student. Even then, choosing a special school comes at a push owing to the kind of sensitivity it comes with. Much for that, a great deal of groundwork must go into it when deciding upon a school for the mentally challenged child.

Here’s help:

  1. Faculty ratio: The special education stream is extremely focus-intensive. Every child needs to be distinctly marked and tend to. The school must be able to provide a working teacher-student ratio high enough for such coverage.
  2. Parent engagement: Free engagement with parents is a fundamental anyway, but more so from a special needs standpoint. There are certain conditional quirks the parents are always expected to know better and the school must take cognizance of that. Free classroom visits by parents must be encouraged and provided.
  3. Trained faculty: The best thing a differently abled child can have is help to be around all the time. A faculty trained and experienced on the disorders of its class helps to learn, but above that, it ensures safe hands are available in vulnerable times.
  4. Specialist care: Certain disabilities are of a nature that renders a child extremely predisposed to breaking out. Most times, the symptoms are too mild or missing altogether. There must be a specialized backup at hand at such a time which should be looked into by the school, a school for the mentally challenged in particular
  5. Curriculum: A learning disability is a big challenge, but with the right curriculum in place, it can be effectively overcome. The school’s curriculum must be in line with the special needs of its students, especially when a disability curbs learning to a great degree, like blindness.
  6. All round development: Effective curriculum has to go beyond the classroom. Students must get stimulating opportunities that bring their cognitive skills out best, as endorsed by the Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan, one of the leading schools for the mentally challenged based in Noida.
  7. Costs: While special education is gaining grounds, cost remains an issue. Private-run special schools cost particularly high while govt. options may be limited by a number of factors. Check out the cost you will incur from your school and plan accordingly.


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