Places to go to in Saudi Arabia

Places to visit in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or KSA, wanting to diversify its economy to avoid being so reliant on oil, has recently opened up to the public. So citizens of certain countries can visit this amazing place that is closed for so long, and which has so many impressive places worth visiting. And there are therefore many such areas (because KSA may be the second largest country in the Arab world) that today we enable you to get a summary of places to go to in Saudi Arabian so that you know what are the best places to go to in this amazing country.


The most common is that, when planing a trip to a country, you land in its capital and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Therefore, most likely, your journey begins in Riyadh, where you are able to begin to understand a little of the peculiar lifestyle of this nation.
In Riyadh, unlike various other cities like Dubai, you do not have excessive luxury. Rather you will find a town of sand where traditions predominate, but also where there’s a little bit of disorder. However, there are several great places to find out in the capital. Among the websites worth viewing in the capital are Deesma Square, which is situated near Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, an impressive place. The Edge of the World, the ruins of Qusur al Muqbil Old City and the Red sand dunes may also be impressive places.


Although the country’s capital is Riyadh, Jeddah may be the most progressive city, where teenagers are a little less traditional and culture flows much better than in Riyadh. Jeddah was a city developed in the 7th century, where lots of the country’s visitors who came by sea to go to Mecca used to stop and today it really is probably one of the most gorgeous towns in Saudi Arabia. Here you can find a variety of cafes where people collect to handle gatherings and the like, yes, drinking coffee because alcohol can be prohibited in Islam. Alternatively, in Jeddah is the most beautiful historical center of all Arab countries, where with aged houses painted in colors and roads that could transport you to the period that Islam was founded. The floating mosque as well as the red sea may also be great places to go to.


The city of Abha offers a different landscape than the vast majority of Saudi Arabia, because instead of being inside a desert area, the area is a green valley surrounded by mountains, where you can experience impressive landscapes, as well as incredibly curious markets.

Travel to Saudi Arabia

Although before it was difficult to obtain a visa to enter the country, today you can obtain an Electronic Visa or Evisa Online on ksa visit visa, which means that, if you belong to among the countries that can visit Saudi Arabia, you are able to apply for your visa from all over the world and with much more ease.
We hope you are encouraged to visit these brilliant places, which deserve to be seen at least one time in life.

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