How important is technology in education?




Technology has become a global connection over the years, and its evolvement has significantly influenced our day to day activities. The rapid growth and development in innovations Most of the human activities are using the help of technology nowadays so why leave education out. You might ask yourself, how important technology in education?

Well here are some of the reasons why:

Technology in education makes learning more interesting. Technology does so by engaging students with new ways of obtaining information presenting new challenges to the reader by introducing this more interactive skills in education. Also learning through the use of technology in education is more interactive making schooling to be more comfortable and exciting.

It increases teamwork and collaboration

It increases teamwork and collaboration

By use of personal computers/laptops and mobile phones, anyone can get in touch with anyone around the globe. Students can join online communities that bring together their kind to share knowledge. Distance learners also get to access this online community.E-learning is also made easier by the introduction of technology in education.

Improving skills and knowledge

Improving skills and knowledge

Students can reference more sources about what they want to learn. This aids education by enabling students to gain digital skills, communication, self-direction, diversifying, planning, global awareness and problem-solving.

Decreases workload

Decreases workload

Technology reduces the pressure of education in that the students get to carry around laptops, mobile phones or a tablet that contain all their school work instead of carrying around physical books.


Technology has become a part of human lives. Most scholars use it as a reference for the higher studies. Education should not be left out of this technology is a human future.


Having these mobile devices or personal computers can be highly tempting to students to misuse them. It is at this point that one has to learn on better decisionmaking to use them the right way. These devices can be borrowed from the school, and it teaches students how to take good care of these devices. It is how technology brings about responsibility in education.

Online testing

Online testing

Testing online has become common and highly advantageous. Trainers or teachers can access student results online as well as track their understanding of these subjects.

Ample of resources

These mobile devices, computers or tablets and other forms of technology are sources of lots of information that teachers can provide. Students can doresearches as references for their class work using this technology. It highly supports education resources and has an extensive database of resources where one can get the resources quickly.

No limitations

With technology, there are limitations as to what one can learn. Students can take this advantage to help them understand better what they don’tunderstand in classrooms.

Record keeping

Teachers can use technology to back up their student records for future references. As much as technology is advantageous to education, there are a few disadvantages it. Such problems include;


Technology can become highly distractive to the students there are more entertaining this to access the internet.

Time wastage

Some students might use their device to play games or watch videos instead of focusing on education. The few disadvantages that one might point out the use of technology in education not outweigh the advantages. Hence, technology is of great importance to education.

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